Eagles' Nest

Join us in congratulating the latest group of Eagle Scouts. Click HERE or a list of Scouts
who earned their Eagle rank during the month of December. 


Wells Fargo Center Upcoming Scout Events

Upcoming Events for Scouts at the Wells Fargo Center Philly:

Philadelphia Flyers

  • Thursday, February 7th vs. Kings
  • Pregame activities for all the scouts
  • Discounted tickets starting at $35
  • Patch for all the scouts that come out

Philadelphia Wings (Lacrosse)

  • Saturday, February 9th at 7pm
  • Parade on the field at half time for all the scouts
  • Discounted tickets starting at $20
  • Patch for all the scouts that come out

Account Executive, Group Sales
Wells Fargo Center

O | 215.952.5451    F | 215.389.9506


University of Scouting

University of Scouting is a supplemental training opportunity for Scouts and Scouters. It is the only time during the year where you can find, all in one place, the widest variety of training opportunities in all program areas (Cub Scouts, Scouts, BSA, Venturing, District Operations, and Council) or learn about High Adventures, Shooting Sports Activities or simple "How to."  Whether you are new to the program or a veteran of many years, the University Of Scouting provides interesting courses applicable across ALL Scouting programs, and District operations courses. Please CLICK HERE for full info.


Wills and Estate Planning Workshop – University of Scouting, 3/9/2019

Be Prepared is the motto that Scouts live by, yet many families don’t have the wills and planning documents they need.  During this workshop, you’ll learn the importance of having an up-to-date will along with some basics of estate planning. As a Scout volunteer or Scout family, you do a lot for others.  This session is something that you can do for you and your family.  You’ll walk away with a greater understanding of wills and the estate planning process, along with tools you can use to get started.  Attorneys (and Scouters) Christopher Gray of Myers, Brier & Kelly, LLP and Steven B. Molder of Molder Law Offices will be co-leading this session.  Both are very knowledgeable local attorneys and Scout Volunteers.  Coffee and donuts will make this informative session even better.  <Sign up> for this workshop held during University of Scouting on Saturday, March 9th at University of Scouting during Period 3 from 11:05 to noon.


Jambo Updates

Special Events Just Added:
The EXCITEMENT is building for the JAMBO 2019! Check out these fun activities you wont want to miss!

  • Boulder Dash
  • Gladiator Joust
  • Dual Lane BMX Slide
  • Rock Mountain
  • Wrecking Ball
  • Boot Camp Obstacle Course
  • World Wide Sports Games
  • Franklin Institute Traveling Science Show: Fire and Combustion 


Volunteers Needed:
We need you...to join in on the fun of Jambo! This large scale event can only happen with the help of volunteers like you. With a variety of positions and events to choose from, you will find the perfect volunteering experience. Volunteer for the entire event or choose a sign up time convenient for your Jambo schedule.  Click HERE to sign up today! 


Calling All Eagle Scouts – Save The Date, 5/21/2019

You’re invited to attend the Minsi Trails Council 2019 Eagle Scout Court of Honor & Recognition Dinner.  Mark your calendars now for this great dinner on Tuesday evening, May 21st at DeSales University.  This dinner will recognize all Eagle Scouts from the Eagle Class of 2018.  Families, friends, and Scout volunteers are invited to attend along with Eagle Scouts from all Eagle years.  During the evening you’ll enjoy a great meal and the fellowship of other Eagles, hear great speakers, and participate in a renewal of your Eagle Scout Charge.  For more information please click HERE


Just Announced! Are you Scout Strong?

The Scout Strong Half Marathon will test your grit and allow you to show everyone you are Scout Strong! This race event will feature the Tim Lambert BSA Memorial 5k, 10k and One Mile Kids Fun Run! These races are open to everyone but Scouts will receive special discounted pricing. For more info click HERE.


New Adventures Begin at Camp Minsi This Summer! Camp Minsi - Scouts BSA Summer Camp - Girl Tested, Girl Ready!

Next month, troops of girls will begin to officially charter in the Scouts BSA program! Camp Minsi is excited to be able to serve all Scouts this summer with great opportunities for girls to build skills, earn badges, and (most importantly) have fun! Camp Minsi is fully prepared with quality girl-tested programs, newly enhanced girl-ready facilities, and a great girl-led camp community. A week of summer camp is truly a week of living the Scouting life. Prepare your troop for a week full of new adventures and great fun - sign your troop up for a week of summer camp at Camp Minsi.

  • Exciting Girl-Tested Programs - As with all of Scouting, Camp Minsi's existing and time-tested programs are relevant and appealing to both young men and women. Programs highlights at Camp Minsi include: aquatics on Stillwater Lake, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, mountain biking, small-boat sailing, tree-top adventures, outdoor skills, arts and crafts, nature studies, shooting sports, and so much more. Camp Minsi’s Trail to Adventure is a special program specifically designed to help newer Scouts advance in the early ranks on the trail to First Class. Camp Minsi has been serving girls in the Venturing program for over 20 years and the staff is excited to expand their programs to welcome girls in the Scouts BSA program this summer.
  • Quality Girl-Ready Facilities - Camp Minsi features eleven troop campsites with 37 individual patrol sites; and can accommodate placing linked troops in neighboring or adjoining sites. Each campsite is equipped with the latest BSA canvas wall-tents with internal metal frames on raised wooden platforms. Tents hold two cots which provide housing for a Scout and her buddy. Each site also includes newly-renovated comfort stations with private flush-latrine facilities and running water. The camp's centrally-located shower house provides individual indoor shower stalls with separate sections for men, women, boys, and girls.
  • Experienced Girl-Led Community - Girl leadership has been a central part of Camp Minsi for generations. The camp director, Lisa Empfield, has been leading the staff for over a decade along with a team of strong female leaders and role models all throughout camp. Camp Minsi strives to provide a girl-friendly camp environment that is fun, welcoming, and meets the needs of every Scout.

You can learn all about the various summer camp programs offered at Camp Minsi by exploring the camp's website and resources located at www.campminsi.org. Additionally, the friendly and enthusiastic summer camp staff is always available to answer questions, share information on the camp's programs, and help your unit prepare for a week of camp. Staff members would be more than happy to come visit a troop meeting to give a short presentation on what a week of summer camp at Camp Minsi has in store for you and the girls in your troop. Or if you want to see the camp in person, staff members are also available to schedule a personal tour of the camp facilities. Feel free to contact the camp director, Lisa Empfield, at campminsi@minsitrails.org with any questions or to set-up a visit.

Learn more and reserve a spot for your girls at Camp Minsi by visiting www.campminsi.org/girls today!

The Annual Friends of Scouting Campaign Kicks Off for 2019

You already know what Scouting does for our youth … building character, leadership, achievement, and citizenship.  In fact, youth involved in Scouting build positive character at four times the rate of non-scouts.  Scouting is committed to building better youth, and needs your help by becoming a 2019 Friend of Scouting.  Minsi Trails Council is an independent nonprofit incorporated in Pennsylvania that supports local Scouting in six counties in the Lehigh Valley, the Anthracite and Pocono Mountain regions, and western New Jersey.  Your support helps provide essential program materials, makes camping available at our three local council camps, supports council and district activities for Scouts, and provides a professional staff to assist local Scout units.  It costs Minsi Trails Council about $350 per Scout annually to provide a quality Scouting experience, so please consider a gift toward quality Scouting for your children.   Remember, all donation made locally, stay local to support quality Scouting in our area.  Donations are certainly appreciated and are tax deductible as allowed by the IRS.  Please click HERE to donate now.


Minsi Trails Council Boy Scouts receives grant from Kelly Auto Group for Scoutreach Urban Scouting Program

Minsi Trails Council Boy Scouts receives grant from Kelly Auto Group for Scoutreach Urban Scouting Program.

(Left to Right: Lisa Finkelstein, Senior Development Director Minsi Trails Council, Lorraine Kelly, Kelly Auto Group, John Sumner, Director of Field Service Minsi Trails Council)

ALLENTOWN, PA – Minsi Trails Council, Boy Scouts of America, is pleased to announce it has received a $25,000 grant from the Kelly Auto Group. These funds will support at-risk youth in inner cities through the Scoutreach Urban Scouting program.

Minsi Trails Council’s Scoutreach program brings the fun, character building, leadership development, and achievement benefits of Scouting to disadvantaged youth as an after-school program.  Many are from schools where poverty rates are 90% or higher.  Scoutreach helps ensure that Scouting is available to all youth regardless of economic ability and provides a safe environment for youth to participate right in their own schools.

  • Scoutreach is Good for Youth – 98% of Scoutreach parents agree that: “Scoutreach helped my child improve his attitude towards school and learning and helped build his confidence.”
  • Scoutreach is Good for Families – 98% of Scoutreach parents also agree that: “Scoutreach helped my child improve his ability to get along with others and exceeds other activities in satisfying my child's interests/abilities.”
  • Scoutreach is Good for Community – 95% of Scoutreach youth give back to their local community through service projects annually.  Last year, each of these Scouts contributed more than 5½ hours of service to their community.

The Kelly Foundation believes in the value and importance of education. At times, an education that extends outside the classroom and imbues moral character in our youth.  By investing in the youth of the Lehigh Valley through the Scout Program, The Kelly Foundation hopes to give opportunity to those who need it most, and to enhance the experience for all participants. 

The Kelly Foundation has been involved with The Boy Scouts of America and the Outreach program for over 10 years and have supported their programs with the belief that we can help build character and instill lifelong habits that will hopefully lead to a meaningful, fulfilling life here in the Lehigh Valley.


Want to learn more about being a Sea Scouts Leader?

Want to learn more about being a Sea Scout Leader?

Minsi Trails Council is restarting its Sea Scout program for young men and women between the ages of 14 and 21.  The Sea Scout Committee is interested in identifying the key leaders who can help make this happen.   Learn more.

Today's Sea Scout program is like a Venture Crew that focuses primarily on activities above and below the water. The Council's initial Sea Scout “mother ship”, Ship 940, will be based on the Council’s Stillwater Lake in Pocono Summit, PA.  

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about how to help, please reach out to the Committee at contact@ship940.org.


New winter housing available at Camp Minsi

Wilcox Lodge -New for 2019-

The Wilcox Lodge  at Camp Minsi (also known as the summer camp Handicraft building) provides space for 24 people with bunk beds and picnic tables. The building includes a large wood heat stove and electric lights and receptacles. Kitchen area includes countertops for camp stoves and chuck boxes. Outdoor area contain fire pits.


Philmont 2020

Spaces available for 2020 trek, please contact Bonnie Keller, Camping Department, Minsi Trails Council at 610-465-8568 or bonnie.keller@scouting.org.

Explore the Philmont high country in northeastern New Mexico on a 12 day backpacking expedition. Challenge yourself as you climb mountains over two miles high. Programs include technical rock climbing, archeological excavation techniques, horseback riding, rifle shooting, blacksmithing and more. Discover the adventure of Scouting’s Paradise as over 1 million Scouts, Venturers, Explorers and leaders have since 1939.

Minsi Trails Council offers a 12 day backpacking trip at Philmont with usually a 1-2 day pre-trip as part of our expeditions, July 4-July 18. Each “Crew” is made up of 8 to 12 people, with a 3 adult minimum and 4 adult maximum on each crew. Scouts must be 14 years of age or 13 years of age and have completed the 8th grade. All participants must be registered in the BSA. Fees include transportation to and from the airports, airline flights, a 1-2 day pre-trip in Colorado if selected, and fees for the Philmont excursion itself.

We will be accepting applications and deposits for our 2020 Contingent after January 1, 2019. Applications and reservations are due by March 1. If we reach capacity, there will be a waiting list. For more information please contact Bonnie Keller, Camping Department, Minsi Trails Council at 610-465-8568 or bonnie.keller@scouting.org.


Order of the Arrow

For the latest Order of the Arrow information and details on upcoming events, visit:  www.lodge44.org